Swamp Fox SF100 16X8X7 ATV TYRE 6PR TL 16x8-7

Swamp Fox 7X16X8SF100

Tyre Rim Size: 7"
Tyre Width: 8"
Tyre Height: 16"
Sale price$99.49
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The Swamp Fox tyre's computer-enhanced tread design goes through the most difficult terrain without bogging down. The dimpled, reinforced lugs give more biting edges for exceptional grip on muddy and hard-packed ground, and the aggressive shoulder knobs add side bite in deep ruts and protect against sidewall punctures. The Swamp Fox's deep tread pattern reduces stress on drive train parts and provides excellent stability and traction at any speed. This lightweight tyre is made of a rugged, 6-ply natural rubber compound for superior puncture resistance and maximum durability.

Tread Depth: 18mm

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