Interphone Moto Crab Evo Usb Smartphone Support


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Interphone Moto Crab Evo USB Smartphone Support

Moto Crab Evo USB is a universal support for smartphones in anodized aluminum, ultra-resistant and with integrated USB port for charging.

A support that combines beauty, resistance and great functionality, makes the smartphone manageable even in the presence of the cover and does not prevent the use of the touchscreen.

The quick coupling and release system has a non-slip "supergrip" coating that holds the phone securely, also protected by a silicone safety system. The handlebar mounting bracket is included.


  • Anodised aluminium
  • Compatibility: screens up to 6.2’’
  • Device width: 60 - 110 mm
  • Spider: silicone fastening system
  • USB charging

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