Renthal Dual Series Road/Race Grips - Kevlar

Part Number : RE-G175

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Renthal has developed a special KEVLAR reinforced grip with all the properties you would expect from a Renthal grip with the added LIFE EXTENDING properties of KEVLAR

This revolutionary material lasts three times as long as their regular soft material

The softest material they have ever produced

Softer, Tackier and Longer Lasting. The best of the best

Kevlar grips are used by Pro-Circuit Kawasaki, Team Redbull KTM, Team Suzuki Europe, Molson Kawasaki

The base material is reinforced with millions of randomly aligned KEVLAR fibres. As the grip is used more Kevlar fibres are exposed so the percentage of Kevlar at the grip surface increases. This KEVLAR layer offers three times the life of the regular compound which allows Renthal to use a very supple matrix material.

Available in either standard 29mm O/D (RE-G175) or large 32mm O/D (RE-G177)

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