Yoshimura Trc 16" Repack Kit

Part Number : YM-REPACK-TRC16

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Yoshimura Road exhaust systems need to be repacked every 7,000 - 10,000 miles. Repacking your muffler at the suggested intervals is essential for your exhaust to perform the way it was designed. Dirty packing restricts airflow from your motor, which results in a loss of power and degradation of sound. Repacking your muffler allows for freer airflow from your motor, which restores lost power and improves the exhaust sound.


  • Stainless Rivet (C3-RIVET x 16 QTY)
  • Rivet Band (LC4.5T x 1 QTY)
  • Rivet Band (LC4.5RL x 2 QTY)
  • Premium Packing Material (660g)

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