Whites Cable Bsa Speedo 58"

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At Whites, we have a comprehensive range of parts and accessories designed and manufactured specifically for classic British motorcycles. These parts and accessories are perfect for your BSA, Norton or Triumph restoration or custom project. So dust off that Union Jack, pin it up on the workshop wall and get into it!

Using a black vinyl housing and inner nylon sleeve for longer life and smooth operation our speedo cables are designed to be a long life replacement for your worn and degraded OEM cable. Providing an accurate and consistent speedo reading to track your speed and travelling distance. Our speedo cables meet or exceed OEM specifications and provide a consistently accurate speedo reading. Compatible with the BSA Bantam D7 1963-1966, Bantam D10 1966-1968, Bantam D14 1968-1971, C15 Sports Star 1963+, C15 Sports 1963+, C15 SS80 1964+ and the B40 1963-1965.

Meets or exceeds OEM quality cables
Black vinyl housing for cable protection
Inner nylon sleeve provides smooth operation and a long life
Provides consistently accurate speedo reading
Length: 58"

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