Polisport Preston Petty Vintage VMX Number Plate (ea) - White

Polisport PS8667400002

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The goal is clear, keep the essence and quality Preston is known for and let everyone around the world have access to these fantastic plastics. Most important of all is keeping the plastics as unbreakable and the fenders still come with the "guaranteed unbreakable" one-year warranty, just like Preston Petty did during his days at the helm of the brand.

The brand new Preston Petty oval number plate. This is injection moulded just like the originals and is an exact copy of the original 11.25" x 9.25" vintage number plate.

Original VMX number plate
OEM shape and style
Perfect for the classic you're bringing back to life
Size: 11.25"x9.25"
Colour: White


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