USWE 2021 Airborne 15 Hydration Pack - Black/Grey

USWE US-K-2151915

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You might think, -You can’t make a backflip with a 15 liters backpack, it will knock your head off. Well, we say, -Try the new Airborne' 15L and you probably will get amazed about its bounce free performance. Important: We can’t guarantee that you’ll succeed with the backflip, so please don’t try. Not because of our backpack, but because of it’s not many people in the world that can make a successful backflip. And we care about you!

The Airborne' 15L is the choice to pick if you’re that hard core mountainbike adventure type of rider or just an enthusiast who enjoys an 1-2 day loop with your family. This pack is perfect when you need 15 liters of storage to bring plenty of gear, food and hydration for you big ride. It’s equipped with our bounce free NDM' 4-point harness system and highly-ventilated shoulder straps.

Inside the main compartment you’ll get a 3,0L Elite' hydration bladder with a Slide-Seal' top, a Plug-N-Play' coupling and a strong magnet tube clip that will help you keep the drink tube in a secure and accessible position. There’re 12 storage pockets in total in this pack, including a large main compartment which provides plenty of storage, a smart organizer pocket allowing you keep everything organized and in position for quick access, plus there are several smart attachment points for your full-face helmet, knee and elbow pads. Warning: Don’t get totally surprised if this action backpack will become your best buddy on your long rides.


  • 100% Bounce Free
  • Patented & Award Winning Technology
  • Super stretch that supports your breathing capacity
  • Allows you the freedom to move
  • Multi size function

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