Whites Tyre Warmer D3 60/80/95C 120/180-195 Black

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Whites D3 Tyre Warmers

Compact tyre warmer, with built in 3 -temperature switch, giving these tyre warmers the price of anaglog but with the function of digital. 

  • Temperature Settings:
    • Low: 60°C (Good for Wet weather)
    • Medium: 80°C (Good for Slick tyres and good weather)
    • High: 95°C (Good for Slick tyres and good weather)
  • Colour: Black
  • CE Approved
  • Available in:
    • Front 120 / Rear 200+
    • Front 120 / Rear 180-195
    • Front 120 / Rear 160
    • Front 90 / Rear 120-125

Team Rees Racing, NZSBK #1 Tony Rees, NZSSP #1 Damon Rees, & NZSBK #6 Mitch Rees, all use the C6 Digital Tyre Warmers!

Available in four different tyre size configurations and three preset temperature settings the Whites D3 Tyre Warmer is perfect for your pit tyre warming requirements. The three switch system allows functionality of a digital system but at the price of an analog tyre warmer. The front and rear warmers have independent switches so you can dial in the perfect settings for your ride.

Three temperature settings (Low, Medium, High)
CE approved
Digital functionality at an analogue price
Independent front and rear settings

Low: 60 degrees Celsius (Good for Wet weather)
Medium: 80 degrees Celsius (Good for Slick tyres and good weather)
High: 95 degrees Celsius (Good for Slick tyres and good weather)
Front Tyre Size: 120
Rear Tyre Size: 180-195
Colour: Black


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